Please be aware that the process of coaching requires a high degree of commitment from both the coach and coachee. It is paramount that you are engaged and dedicated throughout the whole process and set aside the necessary time to fully participate.

One to One Coaching

Bespoke 1-2-1 coaching tailored for your needs either face to face, telephone, Zoom or FaceTime. Specific topics include, yet not exclusive to, Power of Self-Love; Self-Care; Self-Confidence; Worthiness; Assertiveness; Forgiveness; Self-Resilience; Money Mindset; Overcoming Setbacks and Goal Setting etc

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Group Coaching

Interested in group coaching for your team, small or mastermind groups? Want a group session on specific topics such as "You Can Heal Your Life; Personal or Business Goal Setting; Vision Boards; Learning to Love Yourself; Self-Confidence; The Habit Factor, Declutter Magic etc? Please contact Angela to discuss your requirements.

6-Week Live Online Group Coaching Experience

A power-packed transformational group coaching programme "Inspiring Inner Success". Are you stuck, lacking personal fulfilment or at a crossroad? This live 6-weeks online Group Coaching Experience has been designed to assist you in taking back control of your life by making positive mental shifts and taking actions which can transform your current challenges such as redundancy; money; low self-esteem; worthiness and relationships etc. This is Angela's signature coaching programme, bringing to you the very best tried and tested proven transformational tools and techniques learned during her own journey to self-development. Transformational tools such as learning to love yourself, values, mindset, affirmations, visualisations, forgiveness and many more. As Angela continues on her journey of self-mastery, she is able to share with clients the latest self-empowerment tools.

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