A personal view

20150727_173552In case, you would like to know a little more about the “real me”, I give you the replies to some frequently asked questions:

What three words would your friends use to describe you?

– Funny because I make them laugh even when I don’t intend to.
– Generous – I love giving and it comes naturally to me, sharing tangible and intangible gifts are at the heart of me
– Determined – I do not stay knocked down for long, my motto is “Once you hit the ground there is only one way and
that is up.

Can you tell us a bit more about your daily rituals?

– When I wake and get out of bed, I say “thank you” for life’s gifts.
– As I shower I say or sing our loud my affirmations; some days I do wonder what my neighbours think .. yet I know
the importance of starting off my day positively.
– Bounce on my mini trampoline or go for a walk for 15 to 20 mins!

I have noticed over time that when I do not take the time to put into practice my daily routines my day lacks energy and positivity.

What are your hobbies?
Nowadays I have very little free time, yet when I do, I love:

– Reading (so relaxing)
– Creating things from scrap, including dressmaking and gifts, event planning
– Gardening and decorating
– Spending time with my friends and family and having a good giggle, I love being around people
– Dance – especially Ceroc

Does your faith play a part in your business?
Yes most definitely. The spiritual side of my life plays such a big part in all aspects of it. I do believe that without my faith I would not be doing what I do now.

What are your favourite colours and why?
I love this question. Most people can easily guess that fuchsia pink largely features in my life. My purse, my diary and phone covers are pink, ooh and my fab new websites features fuchsia pink too! If I can cover it with pink I will; this colour put a smile on my face although I think turquoise is pretty cool too!

In hindsight if you could give your younger self some advice what would it be?
Looking back I think my advice would be that we are truly responsible for our dreams and making them a reality.

What rocks your socks?
Wow, there are so many things.

– Reading (see hobbies)
– The carousel at the fairground reminds me of happy times with my wonderful dad
– Bling and adding plenty of sparkle to my life!
– Red wine, champagne and Processo!
– Travelling, with Florida being my favourite destination
– The Greek Islands were an amazing adventure for me; I adore the food, sunshine and Greek hospitality.
– Indian, Italian and Mexican food; something with a little splash of spice.
– My eclectic music collection

What is your ideal fun?
– Laughing with my friends
– Singing out of tune at the top of voice to my favourite songs!
– Dancing in my living room; everyday is special
– Wearing my best shoes for no special reason
– Talking on the phone with my friends, there is nothing greater than hearing the voice of those that you love and
care for; a text just won’t do
– Romantic movies that make me giggle and laugh out loud; they keep the romance in my heart alive.

My fun list is not exhaustible but “A day without laughter most definitely is a wasted day“.

Is there anything else you would like to share?
I love being a coach and all that comes with it. It simply is the best job in the world!