Transformation Coach and Mentor

Angela P Gordon

Angela P Gordon, founder and Director of I Love Inspring, is a Transformation Coach and public speaker, serving purpose driven women and businesses. Angela is based in Warwickshire and has been coaching and inspiring women for over 18 years. Being a Transformation Coach and Consultant is Angela’s dream job.

Prior to becoming a coach and consultant, Angela was working as an Executive Assistant or Personal Assistant in the public and private sector, assisting directors and managers  in the day to day running of business.

When you meet Angela you instantly notice that she oozes natural confidence with a vibrant, dynamic sparkle, which are contagious. However, this has not always been the case: Angela herself has suffered with low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and lacked confidence in key areas of her own life. It was after a major life challenge that Angela began to take charge of her own life and spent a number of years studying counselling, coaching and participating on an intensive programme of personal and psychological growth. Throughout this time of learning and self-development Angela continually challenged and committed herself to her own personal growth. It was undeniably a period of self-discovery. Angela found she had a natural gift of empathy and inspiring others and I Love Inspiring was founded.

Angela qualified and gained Certificates in Counselling Skills and then channelled her energies into seeking a role other than that of a traditional counsellor. She attended an intensive Teacher Training Course held in Birmingham and became a Certified and authorised Heal Your Life, Achieve Your Dreams Teacher and Workshop Leader. This qualification naturally led her to studying Life Coaching and becoming a fully certified Life Coach.

Angela specialises in Confidence, Relationship and Inner Work Coaching and holds both Certificate and Diploma in Life Coaching


– Certificate & Diploma in Life Coaching (NCFE)
– Introduction and Foundation in Counselling (NOCN)
– Certificate in Counselling Skills (CPCAB)
– Certified Heal Your Life, Achieve Your Dreams Teacher & Workshop Leader

Angela possesses a natural, vibrant personality, revealing her passion and enthusiasm which are contagious, combined with the perfect blend of humour. With a genuine belief in people she enjoys using her unique skills and abilities to guide, support and inspire women. She is dedicated to being a source of inspiration and delights in encouraging all she meets to see the good in them and be the best they can be.

Angela has become a leader who inspires and communicates with great energy, passion, humour and grace and leads by example. She shares her own experience with breathtaking openness and honesty. She practices what she preaches and has a deep level of respect and rapport with her clients and audiences.

Angela works extensively throughout the UK and by combining her own life experience and professional expertise she has created a distinctive blend of my skills and knowledge for the benefit of individuals and businesses. As well as providing one to one and group coaching, she has also ran workshops for organisations such as Business Link; International Women’s Day on behalf of Women’s Business Development Association (WBDA) and have been a speaker at motivational events and coached in the US.


I am an Associate Member of the Association for Coaching and operates in accordance with the Association’s Code of Ethics and Good Practice for ethical competent and effective practice.

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