Transformation Coach and Mentor

Angela P Gordon

Hello – as the founder of “I Love Inspiring Ltd”, based in Warwickshire, I have been coaching and inspiring women and men for over 20 years; if you need me, I’ll be there, wherever you are! Even as a little girl, I wanted to look after people; I thought about being a nurse but didn’t like blood! A standing joke within my family yet, I have realised my ambition by becoming a coach and mentor and couldn’t be happier.

You may recognise me from my original business names “Positive Perspective” or “Active Inspiration” which was created in 2003. At that time I was working for National Air Traffic Services and my manager encouraged me to take a coaching course; he said I was a natural “people just seem to be able to open their hearts to you!”. I love the connection with people and still do.

If you sometimes wake up and say “is there more to life than this?” or “where is my self-confidence?” or simply feel “stuck” then this is typical of how my clients feel and I completely empathise: it was after a major life challenge that I began to take charge of my own life and started studying counselling, coaching and participating on an intensive programme of self-mastery and psychological growth.

Mentoring young women to build their confidence is so creative and powerful; what some young women achieve after we work together actually “blows my mind“! I love seeing clients develop and thrive knowing that someone is in their corner.

Working without bias, I believe in my clients and this starts from the day you arrive. Redundancy, challenging relationships, fear of rejection, low self-esteem and confidence, lack of purpose, at a crossroads – these can all plant seed of unworthiness; wouldn’t you love to give yourself permission to follow your dreams, go after what you want and not under-sell yourself?

I continually learn from people who come to me as, together, we challenge beliefs and learn to thrive. It is a time to make yourself a priority, open doors and follow your calling. Inspiration is my business and gives me enormous energy; I adore what I do.

I work with people locally and from all over the country and abroad by using either the phone, Zoom or FaceTime, if necessary, the first session is always face to face; even if it takes 2-3 hours it will be the same price as it is a strategic coaching session. If you want to fulfil your life, improve your confidence and be happy, I would love to hear from you. Life is for living and loving; it really is worth it.


– Certificate and Diploma in Life Coaching (NCFE)
– Introduction and Foundation in Counselling (NOCN)
– Certificate in Counselling Skills (CPCAB)
– Certified Heal Your Life, Achieve Your Dreams Teacher & Workshop Leader

By combining my own life experience and professional expertise I have created a distinctive blend of my skills and knowledge for the benefit of individuals and businesses. As well as providing one to one and group coaching, I have also ran workshops for organisations such as Business Link; International Women’s Day on behalf of Women’s Business Development Association (WBDA) and have been a speaker at motivational events and coached in the US.


I am an Associate Member of the Association for Coaching and operates in accordance with the Association’s Code of Ethics and Good Practice for ethical competent and effective practice.

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