I am super thrilled you stopped by.  When I began my journey of personal development, I could never have imagined where it would take me least of all being a Transformation Coach and Mentor! Along the way I have been inspired by so many wonderful and amazing people, who have encouraged and motivated me to be the very best version of myself. I love to inspire too and hope to inspire you to grow, take action, make wise decisions, forgive, let go, be real, move forward, live, laugh, love, shine, step into your unique greatness and much more. With much love always. Angela xxx

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Angela P Gordon is the owner, founder and director of I Love Inspiring Ltd and is a multi-award winning coach and mentor who specialises in life coaching and personal development training. Angela is lovingly nicknamed the “Queen of Inner Work Queen or The Inspirational Goddess” by her clients and colleagues and has won a community award as Inspirational Woman 2016 and Executive Business Award for Best Life Coaching Company and Most Influential Businesswoman in Life Coaching.
Want to find out how Angela can help you to “Unleash Your Inner CEO” and get clarity on your purpose, vision, strategy, mind-set or personal self-development?  Please complete the Contact Us form and book an Initial Discovery Session TODAY!

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