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“Helping women to rewrite their disempowering, limiting narratives and IGNITE their SUCCESS from the inside out”

Hi, I am so happy You’re here

I love what I do and I am passionate about helping you turn your life around. 

I am so excited to get to know you better and inspire you to succeed. 

You yourself, as much as anybody in the universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha


What would you say if I told you that you were born a miracle? That you beat the odds just by being born? That you are unique and there are no carbon copies of you. Yes, You are 100% one of a kind. 


It has been proven that a fundamental component of success is one’s ability to accept and be themselves. When we practice self-mastery, we begin an inward journey which naturally impacts our outside world. It can be frightening to stand out from the crowd and be happy to be just You. Yet everything we need is within us and when we learn to love and accept ourselves just as we are, we begin to see miraculous change and experience freedom, love, joy, peace and success. 

Inspiring Inner Success is a 6-week Online Transformational Group Coaching Experience with Angela guiding and supporting you step by step into cultivating a confident, authentic powerful inner relationship with yourself. Rediscovering how to be confidently and unapologetically You! Using transformational tools you will rewrite the disempowering, limiting stories which are holding you back from succeeding.

Participating is a must for YOU if … 

  • Are seeking real lasting change
  • Want to learn how to treat yourself compassionately internally
  • Want to get clear on your intentions?
  • Want to stop procrastinating?
  • Are ready to raise your standards
  • Want accountability with like-minded souls?
  • Want to increase your confidence and self-esteem?
  • Want to learn self-expression and have a voice?
  • Ready to take consistent action

There will be 6 weeks of sharing practical no nonsense strategies you can immediately implement into your life. 


Throughout this programme of empowerment we will:

  • Guide you through practical exercises live on weekly calls
  • Help you to reconnect to the core of who you are
  • Unclutter psychological junk and learn what limiting beliefs you unconsciously hold about yourself and how you can replace these to serve you better in designing a fulfilling life. 
  • Teach you effective techniques to help release the internal blocks which impede your progress in life generally
  • Mindset mastery, self-responsibility, self-awareness, forgiveness, values etc
  • Cultivate and develop better confidence, self-worth, reduce and eliminate procrastination etc
  • Create your own personal toolkit of confidence, resilience and self-mastery
  • Help you create a clear vision of who you are and where you are going
  • Live coaching and Q&A session on each weekly call 
These live weekly group coaching experiences will be fun and interactive, where you will be learning how to reclaim your POWER from within and IGNITE your SUCCESS!

Online Event Host and Facilitator


Certified Life Coach

Mentor & Inspirational Speaker


Hey beautiful peeps!

After spending the last 26+ years in the personal development, I wanted to create something that genuinely makes a difference. 

If you are reading this you are likely to be at a crossroad in your life, feeling confused, frustrated, stressed and overwhelmed by your many failed attempts to move yourself to the next level. 

I know exactly how you feel after years of repeating the same patterns, I experienced feelings of anxiety and overwhelm and wondered if anything would break the patterns that always seemed to deliver the same old dismal outcomes. 


It was only after going through a major life crisis that I decided that I had, had enough, it was time for to turn my life around. I quickly came to the understanding  that I had to change, not to be a different person, but to rediscover and fall deeply in love with the person I was created to be. I realised there was enormous power in being me.  With this insight began a journey of self-awareness, self inquiry and discovery, using an array of tools and strategies acquired over many years, I began to experience real change and attain long lasting results.

These are the same strategies I use to guide and support my clients in creating incredible change in their own lives.

I am passionate about assisting others to open their hearts to the joy of a journey no other person can navigate except them selves. It is from this place they learn and experience the power and value of being who they are.

Here are a few things I have learned …

Our journeys are unique and individual to us alone, there is no one

 size fits all!

Accountability is like oxygen and is vital to achieving success!

Self-awareness is the first step to transforming anything!
Our patterns can literally go unchecked for years and only

you can decide when you have had enough!
Self-development requires life-long consistency!
Forgiveness is life transforming!
We cannot be an advocate for others if we are not a

good advocate for your own self!


About Angela


Angela P Gordon is the founder, owner and Director of I Love Inspiring Ltd, is a multi-award winning life coach, speaker, contributing author of “Confidence Confidential,” and has been an international host of an online radio show called “Time To Inspire.” Angela is a sought after coach with clients in the UK and US and has lovingly been nicknamed “The Inspirational Goddess” both for her collaborative style of leadership and inspirational coaching, which is thought provoking, insightful and practical. Angela also featured as an expert on an online coaching platform as well as multiple radio shows such as BBC WM, BBC Coventry & Warwickshire and UCB.


By strategically combining her own life experience and professional expertise to create a unique blend of her skills and knowledge for the benefit of individuals and businesses, she has helped and influenced countless people shift their lives to the next level.


 Angela helps clients in de-cluttering their psychological junk, challenge beliefs and remove emotional blockages. Angela teaches self-mastery which is a vital component for living a fulfilling and rewarding life. Lasting change is about mind-set and essentially begins from within and profoundly affects life on the outside. Angela passionately assists you to think creatively about solutions, solve your problems intuitively, push boundaries and find clarity to your needs, making it possible to move forward confidently. 


Angela knows the value of taking responsibility, loving and accepting herself. She has implemented powerful strategies of self-development into her own life. And as she continues her own journey this is deepening her experiences and she loves to passionately share these strategies with everyone she knows.  


Angela brings to this Live Group Coaching Experience a wealth of her own experience of self-development, coaching, mentoring and counselling and shares with breath-taking honesty and openness her own journey from depressed to successful and thriving. Angela’s purpose in life is to inspire inner success, inspiring others to awaken to their power within. She says “I am on a mission to help as many as I can live extraordinary lives only they were born to live by succeeding from the inside out”


Angela has worked with organisations such as Business Link; Women’s Business Association (formerly WBDA) now Women’s Economy (WE), Networking Mummies, Socially Shared, Coventry Wire, NHS, Meetups and community enterprises such as Foleshill Women’s Enterprise.

“One-Day Workshop Feedback Board”

What my clients are saying …


Steven Plummer, Warwickshire

“This was my first time with a life coach and before meeting Angela I was always a very negative and never looked forward with positivity.


 I must admit I was even skeptical before our first meeting. As a very insular and secretive man, when I met Angela for the first time she had no easy task probing questions I was hesitant to answer but by the end of the session I was willingly opening up and couldn’t wait to meet her again.


I saw Angela a total of 6 times and in that time, I could constantly see myself changing and improving. After every session I felt more confident and positive than last and positive situations in my life kept happening.

My reason for a life coach in the first instants, I was at the beginning of starting up a business and I knew I need positivity around me. Angela was key to this and I believe only for her I would still be at the beginning and moved on like I have. I have achieved certain goals in my life that I never thought I would.

Angela constantly pushes boundaries and forces you to think and talk of situations you may never want to talk or think of but I believe in doing this, it helped me find clarity to my needs and the confidence to move forward positively.

Angela has more energy than anybody I know, she is genuine and so full of positivity. During our talks, Angela was always insightful, practical, and easy to talk to, always made you feel comfortable and always promoted positivity inside me.

Angela has been fantastic to work with and she definitely makes a difference to the way people think and behave. I am delighted I chose Angela and to have had the pleasure of meeting and been coached by her.”



Iysha Medley, Birmingham

Angela’s coaching has changed my life!, she has inspired me to be my authentic self by teaching me about values and Integrity, she has taught about the power of affirmations and helped me create a specific plan of action which has helped me to establish better daily habits and effective goal planning which is essential to achieve my dreams.


 My sessions with Angela have made me cry, laugh and scream, she created an environment which felt safe and comfortable. Her style and enthusiasm gave me confidence, she would listen intently and allow me to express myself fully, coaching never ended with the session. Angela constantly check in with guides and exercises that have literally enabled me to make great strides to a positive future. When I began my session with Angela I was out of work studying towards my Photography qualification with the guidance of Angela I have now begun my own Photography business which is ever growing, I will be eternally grateful. 


Angela is a Powerhouse that has inspired me to step into my greatness, I am proud to call her not only my coach but my friend.



Gill Shelton, Birmingham
 Angela has been my coach for about a year now and has helped me tremendously with her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to help transform others’ lives. Angela has undergone a period of change herself dealing with health issues and other personal challenges which have helped and equipped her with the skills, empathy and knowledge she now shares with others.

Angela has helped me to see ‘the wood for the trees’ and to plan.  To see that there is another way and path for me to fulfill my dreams and ambitions. Thank you Angela from my heart to yours️. Gill”

Marion Hanson, Birmingham
I can really recommend Angela as she has helped me to become more focussed in my business and to question some of my beliefs and doubts that I was having, Angela is also a lovely woman.

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The man who does not value himself, cannot value anything or anyone”
– Ana Rand

If you have any queries, questions or require further details please do not hesitate to schedule a FREE 15 minute Clarity Call with Angela to discuss.