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What has confidence and business got to do with each other I hear you say? In 2003 when Business Link approached me to facilitate personal development workshops to assist new business start-ups and entrepreneurs that very question crossed my mind too. Personal development can seem so fluffy or woo woo at times that we may wonder how is this going to help me grow my business?

In recent years there has been an exciting rise in the number of female business owners.  As women become more prominent in the marketplace this has naturally created gaps, not just in female leadership, yet, bringing along with it different challenges other than those of male business owners.  These issues and struggles can range from simply where to go to find the right support and information, as well as accessibility to successful female mentors and role models who are willing to share their own insights on running a successful business or their own journey to the top. When it comes to building confidence encouraging and supporting one another appears to be an indirect requisite for female professionals and here is where the gap is the largest.  The business world can be overwhelming and intimidating and it can be hard to find your own voice in a noisy world, or the motivation to swim through a sea of information overload and the ever increasing maze of social media marketing.  Over a short period of time confidence and enthusiasm begin to ebb away along with your self-belief, worth and value. 

Are you not the major asset in your business? Yes of course you are! The truth is that businesses are built on relationships.  People buy people.  When you have confidence you exude an aura which other people find attractive. Confident people encourage confidence in others, most of all they know what they have to offer and bring that this to every situation.

Personal development is foundational in the new world of the entrepreneur. Nowadays confidence in business is a necessary requirement to build vision and strategy. Do you believe in what you are building?  Action is confidence in motion.  Inaction breeds fear and doubt which are some of the basic interference blockers to our confidence.  Another key factor to confidence is having a positive mental attitude. Knowing our business inside and out also can give us natural confidence. 

Why not take the time to shape your own confidence with the right attitude, knowing your authentic self and having a strong self-belief in your business, abilities, products and services. 

What has confidence got to do with business? Everything!  

© Angela P Gordon – 2016

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