Jar of Blessings

30 December 2016

Hey! Wow! I cannot believe we only have 2 days left of 2016!

What a year it has been with its amazing highs, and challenging lows. A year of great personal gains, tinged with the deep sadness of the losses of great friends that have left scars on our hearts. For most we will be so glad to see the back of this year.

Pictured below is my “Gratitude Jar” or “Blessings Jar”, or “Love Jar” which is my favourite name. It is filled with notes of things I have loved experiencing or doing this year. These are also a reminder of life lived in 2016, so one wonders whether it should be renamed “My Living Jar”.

This is one of my favourite annual activities as each year closes it provides us with the opportunity to look back with gratitude at what we have achieved throughout that year. Yet it is all too easy to forget our successes and the intangible gifts and blessings we have received along the way and focus only on what we feel we failed to do. I for one love this activity because it encourages you to keep going, stay focussed and also fills you with the wonderful feelings of gratitude and hope for the forthcoming new year accepting the unlimited possibilities yet to come! On New Years Eve I will excitedly pop the Prosecco and as I sip the bubbles I will laugh, cry, smile and sigh as I look back on a year I will never experience again and say thank you for it all.

For this truth remains the same for us all. We will each leave this year not the same as it began. So who is doing the same as me looking back with gratitude and excitedly starting 2017 with an empty “Gratitude Jar” looking forward to another year of new blessings yet unseen?

I love you all and wish for you a ridiculously amazing 2017.

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© Angela P Gordon – December 2016

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