Inspirational Message – 2015

Showing Up

More so nowadays it is easy to forget that we were born to be or do something amazing.  With so many distractions these days it is a challenge to show up for a very important person in our life. Our self! We so easily put everything and everybody else first and soon become invisible to our own dreams, desires and possibilities.

Woody Allen says “80% of success is showing up”.  Showing up means taking responsibility for saying “Yes” to living. Giving ourselves permission to not just survive, yet thrive in our relationships, health, wealth, career and happiness.  It is saying no matter what I am worth it, get out of my way I am ready.  It is committing to possibilities instead of just maybes.  It is turning up the gauge of our own worthiness in a greater direction.  Taking the time to talk lovingly to ourselves and stepping out of the boxing ring of cleverly crafted excuses and trading those punches for “Yes I can”, “Yes I am”, “Here I come”, “That’s for me!”, “Yes I did it!!!” It is daring to be different, exchanging carbon copy living for You someone who is unique, creative and wonderful.  Being willing to take a chance on you, “Yes” You and mapping your own exclusive destiny.

It is getting up each morning and saying thank you for life, thank you for another day.  Making room for opportunities and our highest potential. Surrendering fear, doubt and disbelief. Closing the door on our hesitating by joyfully opening our mouths and declaring out loud who we are and proceeding.

Marianne Williamson popular quote says “It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous and fabulous?” Actually, who are you not to be?

© Angela P Gordon – 2015

This inspirational message was written for BBC WM Radio 95.6 FM “Sunday Night Live with Joe and Nikki” and was recited live by the author Angela P Gordon as part of the show’s “Thought of the Day”

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