“Get Your Shift On!” – Shift Tip #1 – Honesty

Happy New Year! Wow can you believe it is 2017 already!

My slogans for this year are “Get Your Shift On!” meaning all change begins with some kind of movement, whether it is a mental or physical shift. My other one is “It is Possible“. In 2016 I learnt so many valuable things mainly that you will never know until you try and in doing so the impossible becomes possible. So over the coming months I will be sharing my own journey or story, on how I created those essential shifts that changed my life to the happy, grateful and fulfilled life I am now enjoying. I truly do love my life.

So in good old fashioned words here is “Shift Tip #1 – Honesty!”

My beautiful friend Sharon posted on Facebook the quote you can see in the photo to your right, which was so synchronistic at the time as I was looking for quotes to cover this top hot tip.

This tip is very important for effective change and transformation. Put simply before we can create any kind of positive change we need to be honest with ourselves and to stop lying to ourselves. In other words we need to stop, check in and have a honest conversation with ourselves and speak the truth out loud. So many times we are held prisoners by our own fears, doubts and misperceptions. We unconsciously keep ourselves locked in a prison of lies and untruth and unwittingly pursue freedom outside of our circumstances and ourselves. Here’s another truth all deep and long lasting change firstly takes place from within.

This takes me back to February 2012, it was an exceptionally cold and frosty morning and I was functioning on auto-pilot. That morning as I was smoking my first cigarette of the day in my back yard, I noticed something unusual, my garden shed door was wide open. At first what had happened did not fully register as I tried to focus I knew something was wrong. Sadly, that day it took a while to hit home. In my usual “I can cope manner” I secured the shed as best I could, and went to work telling myself I will somehow deal with it later. It was on this day that things changed, yet, I did not know it at the time. As I dashed into work trying not to be late, I noticed that I was shaking ever so slightly, you know like a shiver but a little more visible. As I rushed round the corner to that dreaded office, I bumped into the Union guy. He asked me what was wrong, I said nothing, not surprisingly, he did not accept my automatic answer. Angela he said in a firm, stern tone, you are not coping, you look awful, what on earth is going on? I said matter of factly, nothing much, someone tried to break into my shed. As I spoke the shivering got worse. Concern covered his face as he took me by the arm into the privacy of the union office. After this, I did not really hear his words he spoke, I just recall being given the phone receiver as he politely demanded that I call my doctor. At first I could not say much as the tears started to fall and I sobbed like a angry, hungry baby. You see for the first time in 3 long years I confessed I could not cope anymore. I told this semi-stranger how I was really feeling. What I had been feeling for a while and that I was scared as I was drowning in sorrow, sadness and negativity. That I could see no end! In those moments of sharing I let my beautiful well rehearsed masks and facades slip and I somehow set myself free. I spoke out loud my truth through the sobs and anguish. I did not have to pretend anymore! The long and short of this part of my story was that I went to the doctors who diagnosed “Nervous Fatigue” a mild firm of nervous breakdown. It was just the wake up call I needed!

If you truly desire effective long lasting change, it first begins with an open, honest and loving conversation with yourself or a good supportive friend, where you can admit the truth of where you are and how you got there. It is as simple as that! You see awareness is the beginning to opening the door of your own healing and transformation and when we speak the truth to ourselves we become aware.

I hope Tip #1 has been helpful? In the next few days I will share Tip #2 and it may just take you by surprise!!!

Have a blessed week and stay blessed!!! Love always. “The Inspirational Goddess#getyourshifton, #iloveinspiring, #itispossible

© Angela P Gordon – 2017

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