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(This article was featured in the Birmingham Phoenix Newspaper in July 2015)

It is quite clear when you meet Angela she oozes natural confidence with a vibrant, dynamic sparkle, which are contagious.

However, this has not always been the case; Angela herself has suffered from low self-esteem and lacked confidence in key areas of her own life.

Professional Life Coach Angela P Gordon has carved out a unique career by combining her own life experience and professional expertise to create a distinctive blend of her skills for the benefit of individuals and business. Angela has become a leader who inspires and communicates with great energy, passion, humour and grace. Teaching compassionately all she has learned, it is clear that she loves inspiring people to breakthrough to freedom.

All well as providing personal one to one coaching, she has run workshops for organisations such as, Business Link, International Women’s Day and has been a guest speaker at well-being seminars and coached in Florida, USA.

Angela says “Life is like the handbag we carry around on a daily basis, whatever is contained on the inside can either lift or weigh you down.” The truth is our confidence is not something that you can lose on the way home, confidence exists deep within us. However, life can wear down our confidence and daily stresses and strains can leave us with invisible layers, which become barriers to our inner confidence.Editorial2

Angela believes that to tackle life’s challenges, such as low self-esteem, confidence, finances or relationships, we need to delve deeper inside ourselves. Angela works with her clients assisting them to breakthrough their own self-imposed barriers and help create their own personal unique toolkit of resilience and awesome confidence. This is achieved using numerous techniques which include affirmations, visualisation, creative writing, NLP, forgiveness, releasing and many others even a few from Angela’s own personal experience and toolkit.

“I am not saying that I am going to solve all your problems in one session. It will be about learning how to solve problems, asking powerful questions and finding solutions”, says Angela.

“Wanting to change is the first step- knowing how to change is where I come in”

Angela specialises in Personal Development Coaching and is a certified Life Coach and holds Certificates in Counselling Skills and Sociology, and is an associate member of Association of Coaching.

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