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About Sharon

The sassy Sharon is a mom, coach and owner of Within REACH Academy is passionate about people and their development. ⠀

Almost half of Sharon’s career which spans 36 years, was spent as a Fraud Detection and Prevention Analyst, an expert investigator and counsellor in the field of identity theft. This job gave her an in-depth view into the personal lives of the victims and perpetrators of identity theft. Sharon saw up close what happens to a person when they are stripped of their identity. ⠀

The traumas she was confronted with, mirrored her own adversities in life and made her question her own identity. At the age of 45, she embarked on a journey of personal discovery, that led to the creation of the personal development program “Mira-Mi”, which means “Look at me”.⠀

Upon becoming unemployed at the age of 50, she developed a Career Advancement Wheel and a financial management tool to support the unemployed and persons dependent on benefits/social security.⠀

She embraced her talents and seized the opportunity to start living her true potential. She became a certified trainer, a professional and motivational speaker and started her own business: The Within Reach Academy.⠀

As a trainer, speaker and coach, Sharon sees it as her mission to empower others in raising the significance and value of their identity without shame, blame or guilt. She is a force to be reckoned with and an avid believer that it is never too late to live your true potential, because everything you need is within your reach, waiting to support you on your journey.⠀

Sharon is bold, she is sassy and there is no subject she will not address or experience she will not share. 

Sharon is passionate about sharing her experiences and tips as an empowering wake-up call to take you to your next level. 

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