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"The moment you accept yourself you become beautiful" -Unknown

I Love Inspiring

Welcome "I Love Inspiring" is a vibrant, energetic and dynamic Coaching company with a clear and strong vision of empowering purpose driven women and ensuring they enjoy a rich learning experience and positive, effective transformation.

"I Love Inspiring" is all about inspiring personal transformation and creating a life you want to live. The key to our transformation begins from deep within ourselves. It is an internal journey of awareness, reflection, release and receiving. My name is Angela P Gordon and I founded "I Love Inspiring" to inspire and empower you to be the very best person you can possibly be. So the question we have to ask is are you ready? Yes, then it's time to get started! First things first it's time to get to know me.

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Providing a range of services to support you in creating a life you want to wake up to everyday; ridding yourself of those frustrations and limitations. All coaching programmes are unique and tailored to your specific needs.

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