Please be aware that the process of coaching requires a high degree of commitment from both the coach and coachee. It is paramount that you are engaged and dedicated throughout the whole process and set aside the necessary time to fully participate.

One to One Coaching

Bespoke 1-2-1 coaching tailored for your needs either face to face, telephone, Skype or FaceTime. Specific topics include, yet not exclusive to, Self-Love; Self-Care; Self-Confidence; Worthiness; Assertiveness; Forgiveness; Self-Resilience; Money Mindset; Overcoming Setbacks and Goal Setting etc

Group Coaching

Interested in group coaching for your team, small or mastermind groups? Want a group session on specific topics such as "You Can Heal Your Life; Personal or Business Goal Setting; Vision Boards; Learning to Love Yourself; Self-Confidence; Creating Daily Routines etc? Please contact Angela to discuss your requirements.

6 Week Transformation Mini-Series

A bespoke mini transformation series specifically tailored for your individual needs. Are you stuck or at a crossroad? This mini series has been designed to assist you in taking back control of your life by creating positive mental shifts and actions which can transform your current challenges such as redundancy; money; self-esteem; worthiness and relationships etc

12 Weeks Intensive Coaching Programme

A brand new power-packed transformational programme "Limitless Possibilities". This programme is still in the process of being designed, yet, will be provide intensive sessions on personal development such as money mindset, affirmations, visualisations, forgiveness etc

Booster Mentoring Sessions

A focused 60 minute mentoring session assisting you to resolve one area where you are stuck such as "Confidence as your own boss"; "Tips to stay motivated"; "Bouncability and self-resilience" etc You will leave the session uplifted, empowered and focused with practical transformational action steps to integrate your new-found awareness.

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